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Wellness Destination Sri Lanka~ How to Identify Innovative Ayurveda Wellness, Treatment, Training packages and Travel packages


Sri Lanka: often referred to, as "The Pearl of the Indian Ocean" is the beautiful Island where a gentle bow of the head with palms together accompanies the "Ayubowan", Sri Lanka's gesture of welcome and respect by the friendly local community.

What may strike you most about Sri Lanka is its amazing diversity of scenery. It is possible to pass the brilliant green paddy fields or tea plantations in the cool mountains, sun-bronzed beaches, ancient ruined cities with architectural marvels like the 5th century AD rock fortress of Sigiriya and small lively villages adjoining centuries old masterpieces of hydroengineering of a people who created an agro economy through management of rain water, near desert regions, sanctuaries for wildlife in pristine untouched rain forests as old as the Amazon and also in semi arid areas like those found in southern Africa. Bird watching, surfing, hiking and biking, or playing golf - it's all there for you to explore and experience. The small size of the country makes travel to all these and more places possible within a short period to make it an even better holiday for you and your loved ones.


A specialty wellness destination Sri Lanka offers is Ayurveda. The way Ayurveda is practiced in Sri Lanka is influenced by the traditional medical systems that have survived alongside Indian Ayurveda.Ayurveda or "science of life" offers a holistic approach of health and healing by way of healthy eating, exercise in the form of Yoga and healthy daily routines that reduces stress on the body and mind. Specialized treatment options encompassing massage and other ancient practices helps heal the body and slow down the aging process as well.

Who Can Benefit

We have developed Ayurveda, "The Science of Life" Training and Treatment packages that can be adopted by anyone who is open for innovative and interesting ways of seeking health and healing in a cultural, economical and ecological setting in wellness destination Sri Lanka (Ceylon).We also developed the "Executive Ayurveda Business Development Training Programme" which can be specifically tailored to the needs, wishes and concepts of Spa's, Wellness Resorts, Small Luxury Hotels and Private Enterprises that are ready and searching for ancient yet innovative knowledge of excellent and efficient treatments, including Yoga & Meditation.The team of academic and medical experts of Ayurveda involves guarantees Quality Assurance for all the specially designed treatment & training packages that are available at the specialized centers that we work with.

Where to Go

One of the places we can strongly recommend is Ayu Piyasa Eco Village Spa & Resorts. Located only a short driving distance from the beautiful world heritage city of Kandy, the last Royal Capital of Sri Lanka and famous for The Temple of the Tooth, the most sacred Buddhist establishment you will ever find. Kandy is situated on the central hills and is considered to be the most cultural and spiritual city on the Island.Nestled in the midst of the amazingly green and tranquil hills of Matale, Sri Lanka, you will find this brand new and exclusive, Organic Ayurvedic Wellness Centre with State of the Art facilities, luxurious cabana's, all ecologically designed based on today's life styles, revealing a unique combination of a very ancient and traditional, yet innovative and modern Eco Spa & Resort that offers Ayurvedic Training & Treatment packages, Yoga & Meditation, Ayurvedic nutrition therapy and medication.The fact that your Ayurvedic cure and your dinner probably grew alongside each other in the garden of the spa indicates the holistic approach to Nature, Life and Health according to the natural rhythms and ancient rituals of Sri Lanka.

What to Explore

The following Ayurveda treatment packages and training programs are available and given solely by academic Ayurvedic doctors and trained therapists under direct supervision:

  • Pancha Karma
  • Anti-Stress
  • Anti-Aging
  • Slimming
  • Wellness
  • Rejuvenation
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Nutrition

Why Consider This

The specifically Executive Training & Treatment Programs will enable you to explore and experience 100% pure and natural organic Ayurveda treatment packages and training programs for Resorts, Spa's, Luxury Private Enterprises, individuals, small groups and VIP's. And there is so much more we can introduce to you on this Island. You will have a real taste of Sri Lankan's indigenous culture and customs and we can show you the most beautiful hidden, sacred and unspoiled places, the tea plantations, gem mines and shops just to name a few. We are the "locals", we speak the language, know Sri Lanka's ins and outs and we are happy to share all this with you in order to provide you with the most memorable Sri Lankan trip of your life and " Ayubowan", you are very welcome to come back again.