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Managed by Global Healthcare Resources, the WellnessTourism.com website is dedicated to the education and  awareness of health, wellness, alternative and medical wellness issues.

Re-launched in 2021, our website is currently in development.
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Medical Tourism Association

The Medical Tourism Association® is a global non-profit that educates and advocates on behalf of the Medical Tourism and International Patient Industry. The MTA works with healthcare providers, governments, insurance companies, employers, and other buyers of healthcare in its medical tourism, international patient, and healthcare initiatives. The MTA is also committed to raising consumer awareness of international healthcare options and has specific initiatives designed to educate and increase the number of consumers who travel for healthcare.

Global Healthcare Resources

Global Healthcare Resources brings a broader, brighter vision to the international healthcare industry. GHR is focused on many areas, all of which are linked to creation and improvement. As the world leader in healthcare reform, we believe that voluntary benefits, self-funding, and corporate wellness and well-being are powerful pillars of healthcare. Health is the foundation to a successful life and career, so we strive every day to improve the insurance and benefits products and services of our partners while facilitating a vibrant and open arena for industry dialogue. The underpinnings of our beliefs stand on the value of investing in people – not policies, not politics.


Global Healthcare Accreditation

Founded in 2016, the Global Healthcare Accreditation for Medical Travel Services is anindependent accrediting body that received ISQua accreditation in 2019.

GHA’s international standards and professional norms for medical travel have been developed in consultation with leading global experts in the industry, including providers, insurers and employers committed to establish best practices in medical travel, which support healthcare providers invalidating quality and patient experience, increasing visibility, and implementing a sustainable business model for providers along the entire medical travel care continuum.

GHA WellHotel®

WellHotel® an accreditation from Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA). GHA is the only accreditation program focused on medical travel; accrediting and/or certifying leading hospitals, clinics, and individuals for medical travel services. WellHotel® extends GHA Accreditation to Hotels and Resorts serving medical travel and/or wellness guests.

Hotels and resorts that have programs focused on both the medical or wellness traveler can earn GHA WellHotel Accreditation seals expanding their demand from both niche groups of clientele.

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