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Using spa treatments according to your skin type for a healthy glow

Stress, tension, pollution and lack of time not only take toll on our health but also on our skin. Women use so many makeup products everyday that have harmful chemicals in them but still they do not get the glowing skin they want. Foundations, blush-on, and bronzers are only for covering flaws of your skin. They do not heal or treat your skin. To fight with the harmful effects of harsh chemicals, UV rays, pollutants and stress you must treat yourself to spa therapies specially designed for your skin type.There are many different sort of spa treatments available for pampering your body skin like facial, facial mask, body wrap, body mask and body scrub. Facial is a deep cleansing procedure that cleanses the pores of the face, removes dirt, oil, dead skin cells and blackheads. It makes your skin feel soft, clean and hydrated. Facial mask is used for enhanced treatment of the facial skin.The types and functionality of the facial masks vary in nature. Some help in cell renewal and reduces the symptoms of aging and some other facial masks help in exfoliating the skin. It also makes use of facial masks for hydrating the skin and curing acne. The entire body is scrubbed using oils, salts, minerals and vitamin supplements for removing dry patches and dead cells.

Afterwards a full body pack is used to enhance the glow of skin. The body wraps offer more than just glowing skin. They help you in reducing the water weight so that you can easily fit into a tight dress and detoxifies the body. The variety of body wraps is endless but the procedure is more or less the same. Your body is first coated with a mud, cream or gel based pack and then wrapped tightly with bamboo leaves or other elements.The type of facial you select should benefit your skin type. Dry skin is often flaky and looks dull. This type of skin requires a face pack that has little bit of enzymes. The pack should not be too hard when it dries but stay in a rubbery condition.

The face pack has to push skin serums through the pores for making the skin look ravishing from ravaged. Face packs with salicylic acid and other chemical exfoliate are good for the oily skin. The matured skin of older women has to be treated using vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.