Wellness Therapy

Therapies to Treat Spinal Disorders

Back pain, neck pain, headache, and shoulder pain are common problems faced by people in this fast moving and busy life. People generally complain about these problems and prefer painkillers but they may have serious side effects on their health. Painkillers can damage kidneys and other internal parts of body.Conditions like back pain and spinal pain are often associated with the imbalance in the backbone and in the spinal column. This imbalance can further affect parts like the neck, spinal cord, head, and shoulder and other parts of the body.Wellness therapies and procedures can help an individual to deal with such problems. Some of the major therapies and procedures are:

Trigger point therapy

Trigger point therapy is an exercise performed to release trigger point pain. Trigger points are located in the muscle around the shoulder blades. People may experience pain in these points due to stress. Trigger point therapy generally includes special massages, movements, and exercises that can help a patient to deal with this problem.


Acupuncture is a traditional way of healing. This procedure is considered beneficial for various spinal disorders. It includes special massage and procedure that can help an individual to deal with the pain. Acupuncture stimulates the central nervous system and releases pain. The therapy removes the energy blockages from the spine and release stress and pain in the spinal cord. During the procedure, metallic needles are inserted in the body of the patient, type of treatment or therapy usually depends on the type and severity of the ailment.

Spa treatments and massage therapy

Spa treatments and massage therapies can help an individual to deal with multiple problems including spinal disorders. Several essential oil massages improve the circulation and promote internal healing. Spa can remove energy blockages from the body and promote healing.

Atlas orthogonal therapy

It is a perfect solution for various spinal disorders. During the therapy, top bone of the neck or atlas vertebra is moved carefully into a better position relative to the skull and spine. The key motive of atlas orthogonal therapy is to reposition the weight of the head of an individual over the centre of his neck as close as possible. This therapy can remove nerve compression, body imbalances or other wear and tear.