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Finding wellness to the max with Vichy shower massage treatment

You might not have heard of Vichy shower massage treatment unless you are a frequent visitor to spas. This unique body treatment consists of a water shower on your body that is designed to be a very relaxing and calming process. Vichy shower treatment consists of five to seven showerheads placed opposite to a padded table. In the following article we will introduce you about this stress free treatment that has some amazing benefits to it.

How Vichy Shower works?

Vichy shower is an excellent water therapy that utilizes invigorating water pressure with a combination of hot, cold and warm water temperature massages the body. You are asked to lie down on a cushioned table with showerheads placed parallel to you. The water treatment is mostly done after you have taken a salt scrub or body wrap. The therapist adjusts the temperature and the water is turned on, you can then relax and enjoy the treatment. It can be combined with other body massages and certainly adds to the experience of other treatments. Vichy shower is highly soothing treatment that will leave you with amazing healthy results.

Benefits of Vichy Shower

If you think these treatments are limited to enhancing your beauty then you are completely wrong. In fact, the Vichy shower treatment is best for your healthy and better lifestyle, internally and externally.

  • The powerful water shower massages your body in a way that it circulates your blood by drawing blood to the surface.
  • It gives you a new and younger skin by removing the toxin and wastes from your body. The Vichy shower gives a boost to your immune system.
  • When the water is poured forcefully on your body it immediately gives a relieving effect. It feels as if heavy rain is pouring on you and the sensation is worth experiencing.
  • It is very important to keep our body hydrated for combating stress and fatigue. If our body is hydrated then there is less chances for our body to get prone to acnes. It certainly improves the skin tone and relaxes our muscles.